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Purple Butterflies with #thenailartsquad

Today I have a very special manicure to brought to you by The Nail Art Squad. We got together to create beautiful purple butterfly designs in honour of Epidermolysis Bullosa. Epidermolysis Bullosa is a rare genetic disease that causes the blistering of skin, & has no known cure & in severe cases can be fatal. Children with Epidermolysis Bullosa are often called “butterfly children” which is why we chose butterflies to create (purple is the colour used for the awareness of the disease). This was a personal manicure for our group to take on as one of our members recently lost a friend to the disease. 

For my manicure, the products I used are:

  • Base Coat: OPI Natural Base Coat
  • Top Coat: Cutex Quick Dry Top Coat
  • Essie Go Ginza
  • Essie Play Date 
  • LA Colors Color Craze Orchid
  • Essence Black Is Back
  • Unknown stamping plate (which I bought as part of a set at Dollarama years ago.)

These nails were simple to do, but turned out so beautiful. I thought about freehanding butterfly wings, but didn’t think I could do them justice & because we were creating these nails for such a special reason I wanted them to be as perfect as possible. The stamping plate I used was found in a set at the Dollarama years ago, but as you can see the image stamped perfectly clear. 

I feel so honoured I could join in bringing awareness to such a special cause. 💜 to see the other purple butterfly manicures, don’t forget to check out the hashtag #thenailartsquad on Instagram. 

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Gradient Psychedelic Pattern Nails

Am I the only one who does their nails & immediately dubs them “my new favourite nails”? I do it a lot, but in my defence most manicures I do are my favourite. Maybe it’s in part to the fact my nail art skills used to consist of occasionally being able to create semi-straight dots. Either way, these sideways gradient nails featuring the psychedelic pattern vinyls from Xroma Polish & Nails are definitely my new favourite! I don’t think I’ve ever created a gradient so flawless. 

For this manicure, I used: 

  • Base Coat: L’Oréal All In One
  • Top Coat: Essie Gel Setter
  • Hard Candy Sky
  • Nicole by OPI Love Son
  • Deborah Lippmann Groove Is In the Heat
  • Essie Under the Twilight
  • Latex Free Make Up Sponge 
  • Xroma Polish & Vinyls Psychedelic Stencils

This gradient just makes me so happy… the colours & the blending just turned out so perfect! & the use of the pattern over top just brings the whole design together (I think at least). Trying to wear as many Summer-y designs as I can before I start feeling the call of Fall, which thanks to my years in retail usually starts around early-mid August. Haha. But in the mean time, I’ll try to stick to a purely Summer pallet. 

What do you think of this gradient/nail vinyls combo? Let me know in the comments below! I have to say, these psychedelic vinyls are definitely my new favourite pattern. 

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Jade Abstract Stripes

Today I’ve got some abstract stripes to share with you featuring another untried polish from the stash! I’m ashamed to admit I have way too many untried polishes, so I’m trying really hard to pull them out & actually wear them. Except it’s me, & I just end up going out & buying a new one that then adds to the collection haha. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Problem? I don’t have a nail polish problem. 

But today I’m wearing Deborah Lippmann She Drives Me Crazy which is a pretty jade green shade which my Mom picked up for me at Marshall’s.  The colour is obviously gorgeous, but I felt like it definitely needed something added, so I came up with these abstract stripes over top. 

For this manicure, the polishes I used were:

  • Base Coat: L’Oréal All in One
  • Top Coat: Essie Speed Setter
  • Deborah Lippmann She Drives Me Crazy
  • Essie Mint Candy Apple
  • Kiss Products Nail Art Striper in White
  • Kiss Products Nail Art Striper in Black
  • Quo by ORLY Nail Art Striper in Gold

This design never gets old to me.  It’s like floral or polka dots–easy to pull out when I’m too tired to think about what to do on my nails. It’s all about the colour palate. You have to make sure your secondary colour (in this case Essie Mint Candy Apple) falls within the same colour family as your base for the stripes to really just look awesome together. Also I need to stop forgetting to do a tutorial for this design because I keep promising one. Blame it on the fact I do my nails on the couch in my pjs  (bottle balanced between my knees) & not at a table like a normal person haha. But now that I have this fancy new iPhone, maybe I’ll finally be able to film a long promised tutorial. Crazier things have happened! 

Am I the only person who buys nail polish then proceeds to forget to wear it? What polishes do you currently have waiting to be worn?

I recently went through & reorganized my stash so I’m really trying to make a point to pull out those forgotten shades that I forgot I owned! Hopefully I’ll be able to incorporate more into my blog posts before I end up buying more! 

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Bestie Twin Valentines Day nails with @mynailpolish_addiction

 Happy Monday…and February 1st! You know what that means…. Time to start the Valentines Day manicures! Starting off with some bestie twin nails I did with my my girlie @mynailpolish_addiction. It’s become our tradition to do bestie twin nails every holiday, and so I was super excited for us to come together for Valentines Day Nails.  
 This time, we created manicures based on this napkin I saw last year and really wanted to recreate!   When I showed Jessica she was totally up for the challenge and both manis turned out so awesome! 

The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • OPI My Chiuhuha Bites
  • OPI I Canolli Wear OPI 
  • Deborah Lippmann Between the Sheets. 
  • Sally Hansen I Love Nail Art pens in white, red & pink. 
  • Essie Good to Go 
  • Born Pretty small nail art brush. 

So what do you think of this manicure? Are you a fan of Valentines Day? Personally, I’m strictly in it for the nail art possibilities. Plus any chance to wear red or pink on my nails is a good thing in my books! 

Have a great Monday! 💗

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Deborah Lippmann Let’s Go Crazy 

Sometimes a girl just needs a little sparkle in her life. 

Especially in the middle of January with another winter storm looming.  


A while ago (May maybe?) I was at Winners and picked up a pack of Deborah Lippmann minis. I’ve never owned any of her polishes, so when I saw a deal like that (I think I paid $19.99 for all of them) I couldn’t pass it up. Then I tucked them away and kind of forgot I bought them. Whoops. The other day though, when I was trying to decide something quick to wear on my nails, I saw my little minis peeking out and decided it was a good day for glitter. I grabbed Lets Go Crazy which is a purple jelly packed with glitters. Since I was feeling a little lazy, I decided to layer it over OPI Black Cherry Chutney to cut down on coats. 

I love glitter, I really do. Whenever I wear it I will pretty much spend the whole day staring at my nails, distracted. Glitter removal on the other hand… not so much! But this polish was surprisingly easy to remove without too much much fuss. 

Also check out that shine thanks to Essie Good to Go. In the first picture that pink you see is actually the reflection of my cellphone. Now that is a shiney top coat! 😍❤️

What’s your favourite glitter? Do you like to wear it full blown, or as more of an accent? I think my all time favourite glitter has to be Revlon Whimsical. It’s just so pretty and girly and perfect.