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Tribal Print Gradient Nails

I know I say this every time I do my nails, but these have to be one of my favourite gradients I’ve ever done. Seriously–just look! It turned out so pretty. I’d never claim to be a gradient expert, but damn if I don’t feel proud of how these turned out! & what does better with a gradient than a little stamping? I don’t think I’ve done any stamping since before the Lil Bubs was born, & I didn’t realize how much I missed it. 

For this manicure, I used:

  • Base Coat: Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat
  • Top Coat: Cutex Quick Dry Top Coat
  • Essie Lounge Lover
  • China Glaze Glow With The Flow
  • China Glaze Plur-ple
  • Essie Butler Please
  • Yves Saint Laurent Noir Brilliant
  • Born Pretty Store Peel Off Liquid Tape
  • Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate (QA66)
  • Latex Free Make Up Sponge

Why don’t I stamp more often, seriously? Well mostly because I only have the same few stamping plates. But hopefully I can change that soon because it just makes for sure an intricate manicure. I would never freehand this design (at least not without a lot of crankiness & frustration!) 

For my gradient, I started off with a basic sponged gradient & then went back over the gradient dry brushing my colours for a bit of a rustic look. It lead to an interesting blend that I really, really like. 

What do you think of this mani? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! πŸ’œ

April Mani Favourites!Β 

It’s that time again! 

Rounding up the end of the month (& the beginning of a new month) with my favourite manicures for April! This was a super busy month for me, nail wise, so there were too many options to choose from! Haha it was a struggle.  But I did manage to narrow it down to only 6. 

Which design is your favourite for April? Did it make the list? Let me know in the comments below. β™₯️

Desert Sunset inspired nails

Coachella is finishing up this weekend, which means lots of festival inspired nails have been popping up in my feed! I’ve never been to Coachella, but I DO know it takes place in the desert so I thought these desert sunset gradient nails would be perfect to channel my inner festival goer (instead of what I’m actually spending today doing which is cleaning my bedroom & putting away way too much clothing while simultaneously trying to convince the baby to nap.)

For this design, I used:

  • Base Coat: Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat
  • Top Coat: Cutex Quick Dry Top Coat 
  • Color Club Almost Famous 
  • OPI Where Did Suzy’s Man-go?
  • Essie Play Date
  • Color Club Pucci-licious
  • Sally Hansen I β™₯️ Nail Art pen in Black. 
  • Latex Free cosmetic sponge 
  • Born Pretty Store Liquid Latex Peel Off Tape

My bottle of top coat is reaching the bottom which lead to some weirdness & shrinking. Never the less, I really love the colour combination of this gradient with the desert landscape. I could totally see these fitting in at Coachella, or another similar music festival! πŸŒ„ all I need is a flower crown & some cut off denim shorts & I’d fit right in! 

I think I’ve rediscovered my obsession with gradients, clean up be damned. (Thank goodness for Liquid latex.) & I think I’m slowly getting better at them! They make me happy. This colour combo worked out so well, I just can’t stop staring! Even my husband commented how wicked these were (& without asking even!)

What do you think of this design? Let me know in the comments below!

Unicorn Inspired Gradient πŸ¦„

So by now you’ve probably been introduced to the Unicorn Frappuccino that Starbucks released yesterday. I know it completely blew up my Instagram & Facebook feeds… everyone & their grandma was showing off the drink on social media. Personally I have no interest in trying it–not a fan of frapuccinos (too much sugar), I can’t have any dairy so no whip cream, & there isn’t even any coffee in it! But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to join in the unicorn fun, so I took inspiration from the colours of the drink to create a Unicorn inspired gradient! 

For this manicure, I used:

  • Base Coat: Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat 
  • Top Coat: Cutex Quick Dry Top Coat
  • Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Orchid Around
  • Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Royal Hue
  • China Glaze Fairy Dust
  • Latex Free cosmetic sponge (purchased at Dollarama)
  • Born Pretty Store Peel off Liquid Tape

It’s been so long–too long–since I played around with a gradient, so I’m a little rusty. But I’m pretty happy with how these turned out. The colours might not exactly match its inspiration, but I thought it was a good attempt. It would have been more fun if I had one of those cute unicorn stencils (I think they’re by Twinkled-T) to add a holo glitter unicorn on my ring finger, but with a little Fairy Dust added it still has that magical feel. 

Have you tried Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino yet? Does it taste as magical as it looks? Part of me wants to order one just to take a picture of it with my nails (because I’m silly like that) but that would be a serious waste of money that could be better spent (on coffee, for example). Oh well, when you can’t drink it, why not wear it in your nails!

What do you think of this gradient? Do you see the inspiration? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! πŸ¦„

Meowy Catmas nails

Happy Boxing Day everyone! Hope Santa was good to you. I’ve been enjoying family time the last couple days but I wanted to share the nails I did for a collab organized by @journailism on Instagram.  

You can check out the hashtag #xmascollab15 for all the girls who participated! The idea was to create a manicure that represented something you love most about the season. For my manicure, I decided to finally using some kitty vinyls I bought from @mynailsdid! This was the first Christmas I’ve spent with the hubbys fur babies so this manicure represented that! 

Polishes I used for this mani were:

  • Nails Inc The Thames
  • YSL Beauty Gris Underground
  • QUO by ORLY nail art striper in Red
  • Art Club Nail Art Duo in White
  • Small nail art brush from Born Pretty
  • Smallest size dotting tool. 
  • Essie Gel Setter top coat

Hope you’re having a great holiday, and enjoying you’re time with family and friends. 

A little Christmas inspiration.Β 

Christmas is quickly approaching and Christmas morning is only 10 days away. I’ve been on a Chrisymas mani kick the last couple days, so I thought I would share a few manis for Christmas inspiration. Let me know if you want any information on the polishes used–all details can also be found on my Instagram page! 

 Christmas Plaid 

  Red, Green and Gold dotticure. 


Peppermint Scented Glitter gradient.  

Christmas Tree accent nail.   

Rudolf accent nail. 


 Candy Cane stripes 


Festive patterned nails.    

Easy glitter gradient featuring OPI Starlight collection.Β 

 Last month, I was lucky enough to to be sent some gorgeous OPI polishes by Preen.Me from the 2015 Holiday collection. If you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably seen a few designs I’ve posted using the six gorgeous polishes I was gifted with. Today I have another fun manicure using these pretty holiday polishes to share. 

The two polishes I used for this manicure were In The Moon for Love and Infrared-y to Party. To accomplish this look I started with a base of In the Moon for Love, and applied a coat of Seche Vite to speed up the drying process. Then, using the brush in Infrared-y to Party, I applied the beautiful glitters at the base of my nail, spreading some glitter upwards lightly. Let dry slightly, then seal everything in with your quick dry top coat and bam! You have pretty sparkly nails to love and enjoy. 

And so it begins… My first Christmas-y nails of the year.Β 

 It’s heeeeeeeere. 

Of course I’m talking about the Christmas (or insert whatever season Holiday you celebrate! 😁) season. The malls are filled with Santas as far as the eye could see, so I thought it was about some I started some Christmas-y nails. 

The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • OPI Just BeClaus
  • China Glaze Ruby Slippers
  • Essie Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo
  • Born Pretty Store stamping plate (item #5695)
  • Seche Vite. 

It’s been a long time since I did any stamping and this was not an easy endeavour! It seriously took me about 8 tries before I was happy with how they turned out. (First world nail art problems for real!) But when I finally did get them right… I absolutely love how they turned out! Reminds me of pretty Christmas wrapping paper. 
Have you done any Christmas manicures yet? What’s your favourite Christmas design to do? Let me know in the comments below! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Halloween Bestie Twin Nails with @25_sweetpea

 As part of #themedthursday on Instagram, @25_sweatpea and myself joined together for the graveyard prompt from some fun graveyard inspired nails! 


The polishes I used for this annicure were:

  • China Glaze Boho Blue
  • China Glaze X-Ta-Sea
  • QUO by ORLY striping polish. 
  • Seche Vite
  • L’oreal The Matte Velvet top coat. 

I’ve decided to participate in Themed Thursday’s for October to encourage myself to get out of my nail art comfort zone a little bit! I’m so happy with how my graveyard nails turned out! 

What do you think of my twin nails? Let me know in the comments below! 

Pink gradient and leopard print.Β 

Are you ready for something a little fun?! 

I’ve been trying to practice my gradients lately so I decide to try a tri-coloured gradient. Using pinks. I’m a little pink obsessed lately. My blending turned out a little more harsh than I would have preferred but I really love the colour combo. I finished everything off with some leopard print.    

The colours I used for this manicure were: 

  • Essie Peach Daquiri 
  • China Glaze Feel the Breeze 
  • China Glaze Purple Panic 
  • Sally Hansen I πŸ’— Nail Art pen in Black
  • Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat 


What do you think? I’m really craving brights right now. It’s May and officially that much closer to Summer–so hopefully it starts feeling more like it soon! β˜€οΈ