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Flashback Inspired Prom Nails

Yep! I’m showing off more prom inspired nails. Last week I created some nails that I thought would be beautiful to wear to prom, & today I’m sharing a manicure inspired by one of my own prom dresses! I totally got nostalgic thinking about prom after my last post, & started looking through old prom pictures on Facebook & figured why not create a mani inspired by those pretty dresses. 

My inspiration above. 🔺 Can you believe me that dress only cost me $17 & I still adore it so much. Man, if only we had occasions to wear formal dresses more often! Now obviously this is a simple look, so I thought a simple line of holo would perfectly represent the sparkly sequin belt on my dress. 

For this manicure, I used:

  • Base Coat: L’Oréal One Stop Base
  • Top Coat: Essie Speed Setter
  • Layla Cosmetics Ocean Rush
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Brisk Blue
  • Xroma Polish & Vinyls Skinny Straight Nail Vinyls

Who doesn’t love holo? This is a serious question… I would love to meet this person. I’d put Layla Cosmetics Ocean Rush on their nails, because it would definitely change their minds. I mean just look at it–even though it’s a small line of holo, it just shines.  You can see some serious rainbows. 

What do you think of these nails inspired by my very own prom dress? I hope you like them, because I may have accidentally clicked “like” on a prom picture of my high school boyfriend & I while trying to scroll through & find a picture of this dress on Facebook & that’s awkward. Haha. 

Would you ever create nails based on a favourite dress of yours? Let me know in the comments below! 💙

Turquoise Marble Stone Nails

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing a gemstone/Turquoise stone design. I attempted a similar design three-ish years ago so it felt like a good chance to revisit this design! This is is also the first post using my brand new iPhone 6s. I just can’t get my over the picture quality–it’s awesome! 

For this manicure, I used:

  • Base Coat: Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat
  • Top Coat: Cutex Quick Dry Top Coat
  • My Beauty Spot unnamed Teal
  • Essie Mint Candy Apple
  • Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Golden-I 
  • Layla Bubbley Effect in Black 

For this design, I kind of made up the technique on the fly. I started off with my base of teal. I then took a piece of crinkled up plastic bag, and dabbed on Mint Candy Apple & Golden-I & finished off with some top coat to seal in the base. After I felt like my base was dry enough (about 5-10 minutes) I grabbed my bottle of Layla Bubbley effect & added splots of the polish on each nail. I then went & ran that nail under water to remove some of the polish which left the black bubbles on the nail. Depending on how it turned out, I would add more black again and repeat the process. When I was happy with each nail, I finished off the whole design by sealing in with top coat. 

This is a super simple design, & it ended up being relatively quick to do. & definitely less clean up than using the traditional water spotted technique that you see for creating stone nails. However, because Layla Bubbley is a special effect polish, I’m not sure how well it would work with normal polish (I’m guessing probably not very well.) However, I’m thinking it might work out with acrylic paint which I’ll have to add to my list of things to do! If you try it out, let me know how it works out! 

So what do you think of these turquoise stone nails? Would you wear these? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Feeling 90s With Neon Spotted Nails 

Too many rainy days have left me craving some neon nails, so I decided to grab some bright colours to cheer myself up. In the process I saw my bottle of Layla Bubbly in Black & thought it would look really neat over a neon-ish base colour. 

For this manicure I used:

  • Base Coat: Perfect Forumla Pink Gel Coat
  • Top Coat: Cutex Quick Dry Top Coat 
  • ORLY Scenic Route
  • Icing Breakfast at Tiffany’s 
  • China Glaze Sun Upon My Skin 
  • Icing Pink A Boo
  • Layla Cosmetics Bubbly Effect in Black

I’ve owned this bottle of Layla Bubbly effect for a while (I scored it on sale at Lawton’s in the clearence like 3 years ago) but this was the first time I really got it to work for me the way I imagine it’s supposed to work. I did wait until the next morning to add the black, so maybe that made the difference? Either way I’m super excited about how it turned out! Like crackle nails, it just offers an easy way to create nail art without excessive work (or mess). 

& incase you were interested in seeing what my base looked like before I added the Bubbly topper, here was the base. I tried to attempted @laqvid‘s wet dry brush design but I’m definitely going to need to give it more practice. 

What do you think of this design? Have you ever tried the Layla Bubbly Effect polishes before? Let me know the comments below! 

Holo Half Moons

I’ve been a very bad blogger. You’d think being on leave I’d have all the time for keeping up with this blog, but it turns out preparing for a new baby is very time consuming! We’ve got two weeks to go now, and everything together, so I’m going to try and get on some blogging while I can! After baby comes—hopefully I’ll still be able to keep up after things slow down some. 

And now onto some nails! (Because that’s why we’re all here after all.) 

It’s been a little while since I wore my beloved half moons, and I thought hey! Why not some holo half moons–because obviously holo makes everything better. As I’ve written before, I love half moon manicures because they’re so easy and so versatile–just so many colour combinations, and so easy to do. I used actual nail tip guides from Kiss for this particular design, but it’s just as easy to use paper hole reinforcers to accomplish the same look. (I usually buy mine from the Dollar Store and they last forever!) 

Polishes used for this mani are: 

  • Layla Cosmetics Hologram Effect Retro Pink
  • Layla Cosmetics Hologram Effect Ocean Rush 
  • Kiss Products nail guides 
  • Essie Gel Setter top coat. 

So what do you think of this design? What is your favourite nail art design you always go back to? For me it’s obviously a toss up between regular half moons and chevron moons! Both are so easy and always look fancy on the nail! 

Sideways holo chevron moons. 

Good morning ☀️

It’s been super sunny and beautiful lately, which means I obviously need to rock some holo nails while I can (because I live in Nova Scotia & it rains here… A lot.) So I grabbed my chevron nail guides from MyNailsDid Vinyls & decided on some all holo sideways chevron moons. 

For this manicure, I used:

  • Layla Hologram Effects Mercury Twilight
  • Nubar Prize
  • Nubar Treaure 
  • Essie Gel Setter 
  • MyNailsDid right angle chevron guides. 

These were definitely one of the most distracting manicures I’ve ever worn. I’m not going to lie, I kept looking down at my nails during work, & getting a little (very) distracted! It’s the power of the holo ✨ It’s just so mesmerizing. 

What’s your favourite holo polish? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Friday everyone!

Layla Thermal Polish Effects No. 7 

What does everyone think of the new layout? I was feeling a change for the new year! I’m really trying to get back to blogging again… and not let it slip aside again. I’ve always been playing around with expanding to include a little bit more than just nails–would anyone be interested in seeing a few Outfit of the Day style posts on top of nails? I was thinking maybe one a week or so. Let me know in the comments below! 

In the meantime, I know what you’re here for… NAILS!  

Continuing my thermal obsession with Layla Effects polish No. 7 with OPI Pirouette My Whistle layered over top and Butter London matte top coat. I found PMW at my local Lawtons tucked into the clearence bin along side another polish I’ve been coveting–Essie Shine of the Times!  Don’t you just love when you stumble across those polishes you’ve been dreaming of forever? 

Sadly I didn’t get a shot of the polish in its cold state, but you can just barely see the darker colour on the tips of my baby nails. 

So what do you think of this combo together? I can really see myself using Pirouette My Whistle a lot! 

Have a happy Friday everyone. 

Layla Thermo Polish Effects No.5

I’ve written before about my love of thermal nail polishes, and so I thought I would share this mani I did using Layla Thermo Polish Effects No.5. This one of the Layla Thermo Polish Effects I picked up on clearence at Lawtons Drugs and probably my favourite of all the thermals/”mood” polishes I own. 


For this mani, I used Essie Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo for my base, and applied right angle chevron vinyls from My Nails Did when the polish was completely dry. I applied my Layla polish over top of each nail–one base coat, and then a second coat. After each second coat was applied, I immediately removed each vinyl. Using a Stripe Rite striper in pink, I applied a small freehand chevron to the top of each of my chevrons and then sealed everything in with top coat.  

Top picture show how Layla Thermo Effects looks when hot (pink) and cold (purple) and in the bottom picture you can see the transition between the two. So wicked!

I’m not sure if any of the Layla Thermo Polish Effects are still available, but if you ever stumble across any–definitely pick some up! You will not be disappointed. 

A Perfect Combo — Icing Love Boat and Layla Bubbly Effect Black Forrest.




Today I’m showing of a NOTD featuring Icing Love Boat and Layla Bubbly Effect Nail Polish in Black Forrest. Love Boat is a red quick sand polish from my latest Icing haul. They had all their clearance on for an extra 50% off which means I picked up six gorgeous polishes–including Love Boat here–for just $1 a piece! How can you go wrong with that?!




These nails are feeling very Halloween-y to me, even though we’re about a month and a half early on that. I was already rocking Love Boat, and wanted to jazz up my manicure a little bit somehow. I haven’t worn Black Forrest since last year when I first picked it up on clearance at Lawton’s for an awesome $2 (can you tell I like a deal?) and I thought it would look awesome over the rich and sparkly red of Love Boat. It certainly does! And it’s definitely a combination I’m going to have to tie into my Halloween manicures next month. =)

Dark and Metallic Sponge Manicure.



Oh man, I wish I had better pictures of this NOTD to share with you, but unfortunately I took these while at work in the late afternoon, so the beautifulness of this manicure was kind of lost. (Side note–I just got a brand new phone with an awesome camera so expect upcoming posts to have MUCH better picture quality.) However, regardless of the lack of pretty pictures, I still had to share this gorgeous manicure because I was super in love with the outcome.


The polishes I used for this manicure were:

  • Mary Kay Blue Knight (base color)
  • ACO by Ardene Golden Luxury (middle finger & sponging)
  • Layla Soft Touch Golden Touch (middle finger)
  • Essence Color and Go Mister Rusty (sponging)
  • Claire’s Poison Apple (sponging)
  • Claire’s Venomous (sponging)
  • Claire’s Evil Queen (sponging)
  • Nutra Nail Quick Dry Top Coat.




Oh man, this manicure just was perfect for fall. I wanted something reminiscent of the color changing of the leaves, and I think I succeed with this multicolored metallic sponge manicure. Even one of my co-workers noticed how cool my nails looked, and commented on how neat it looked, which always makes me feel good about my nails. =) Next time I wanted to try this with a super dark green Essence polish I picked up not too long ago–I think it will look even more perfect for the fall weather.


So what do you think of this manicure?

Swatch Post: Layla Thermo Effect Polish N. 4



Today’s post is a polish I am so excited about. As I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely LOVE thermal effect polishes, ever since my days working at Claire’s when they released their Mood Changing Polishes. So when I saw a post about the new Layla Thermo Effect Nail polishes by Sparkled Beauty (who is a local Halifax beauty blogger) I knew I had to track down these polishes at Lawtons. Two stores later, I found the display of these beauties. Sadly, there were only a couple colors left. =( I went with No. 4 which is described as a Dark to Light pink.


When cold, the polish is a dark pink (almost light plum) color. It’s not a creme polish,  but rather scattered with an almost frosty shimmer. I was nervous at first when I saw this, as I know sometimes frosty polishes can leave brush strokes like crazy, but this one was pretty good at leveling out. I’m really digging the color of this polish while cool.


The polish mid-change (pointer and middle finger) and cold (ring and pinky finger). A lot of the time my nails would resemble my pointer and middle fingers here. Lighter pink down towards the cuticle, to darker purple towards the end of the nail. It’s like having a gradient on your nails, without any of the work!


And finally, the polish while hot (pointer and middle fingers). The change between the warm and cold is awesome! You can really see a difference between the two, which I like. The day I wore this polish it was raining, so every time I went outside and my nails were warm, I would have these cool drops of purple on my nails from where the cold rain had hit them. I like how easily this polish can change from temperature. (I wish I had gotten pictures!)

The application of this polish wasn’t too bad. The polish is sheer, but thick at the same time–it was actually kind of strange. It took three coats to reach full opacity, and took a bit of time to dry (even with Seche Vite as my top coat.) When dry though, it lasted well. I wore these through a full, busy, day of work and ended up with very minimal tip wear.

I’m quite impressed with Layla’s Thermal Effect Polish, and I’m thinking I will have to go back to Lawton’s and pick up some more colors (depending on what is left).